For those who are troubled by sleep.
Do you not start from recording for the time being?

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"Sleep Diary" is a service that allows you to easily record sleep time from your smartphone or PC.
To you who can not sleep

Let's record everyday
and visualize sleep time
You should find clues to improvement.

"You can sleep more"

Tips & Advice

Items that can be recorded in "Sleep diary"
In addition to sleeping time in "Sleep diary", you can record whether or not you are taking sleeping medicine, the number of midway awakenings, and notes.
You can also use it to check the effectiveness of sleeping pills later.
Let's make sleep records a habit
By recording the sleeping time, you can grasp "Are you sleeping properly" or "Are you waking up at the same time every day".
There are many people who feel so "It is hard to record everyday!".
From the study of Dr. Philippa Rally of the University of London we know the following things.
"People need to keep on average 66 days in order to acquire a certain habit"
66 days! Why do not you continue?
You can sleep more
Are people who sleep well are lazy?
"Sleep diary" was born from the desire to break down such a trend.
Lack of sleep results in a decline in the quality and quantity of work.
You can sleep more.
Really scary sleep debt
Every day sleep deprivation leads to a serious 'Sleep debt'.
'Sleep debt' is the meaning of "debt of sleep that can not be returned easily".
The threat of 'Sleep debt' is to cause a sudden short sleep "microsleep".
Do not look lightly as "just sleep deprivation".
What if you are in an important deal? What if I was driving?
By writing "Sleep Diary" you can be aware of daily sleep deprivation and prevent 'Sleep debt'.
To those working freelance
Those who work as freelancers have the advantage that they do not have to arrival on time.
On the other hand, they may not be able to take a fixed holiday, they may stay overnight, and sleep tends to become unstable.
Good work comes from regular routine.
Let's write "Sleep diary" and stabilize the life rhythm.